Pictured here is an accessory kit called the MOON and MARS LANDING BASE SET. This kit added further realism to the Johnny Astro adventure because now you could land on the Moon and on Mars.  

Colorful graphics helped sell this landing base set. Shown are the contents of the Moon and Mars Landing Base Set.

The contents of the set reveal a couple of colorful landing bases, 2 undercarriages and 2 balloons. The  instructions  showed the landing bases sitting on top of books.  Elevating them is required because the stream of air that keeps the space vehicle in flight looses its effect at some point.  With a steady hand, you can fly the space vehicle pretty far and perhaps 20 degrees above horizontal. 

Johnny Astros never came with moon and mars landing bases.  They were sold as an accessory.  However, some Johnny Astros had a graphic image on the bottom of the box of one you could cut out. 

Some sets came with a landing base that could be cut out from the box.

Johnny Astro Balloons

A somewhat rare box of Johnny Astro Balloons

jjohnnyastroballoons.jpg (42180 bytes)

This Halloween costume, depicting Johnny Astro as a lunar astronaut, was manufactured by HALCO.  It,  featured striking  details and bright vivid colors, a great accessory for the Johnny Astro enthusiast.  If only they made them in adult sizes!

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This Johnny Astro Halloween costume was available in the late 1960's.  Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.