This commercial by Deluxe Topper Corporation originally aired in 1968.  Lasting just 30 seconds, it featured several flying demonstrations from various angles.  Some footage showed the space vehicle landing on the accessory Moon and Mars landing bases.  In another segment, the space vehicle lands on someone's head!  It appears that in this commercial, the fan unit was likely the gold colored model.

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This 11" X 17", four page promotional flyer went to stores throughout North America.  If you look closely, it appears that the landing pad was not locked in place when the picture was taken.  Notice also, the variations in the balloons.  There are no signs of an astronaut  or capsule either.

It was clear that Topper was counting on the media hype surrounding the space race to add some marketing punch as last page of the brochure shows. 

Just like Mattel and their famous Vertibird, Topper used the same kid in nearly all of it's Johnny Astro artwork.

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Another promotional item was this black and white photograph of the space vehicle in full flight.  Notice how the Luna 3 balloon has the "USA" on unlike the last page of the color flyer

Along with the photograph came the specification sheet with the weight, dimensions, base price and more.

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These ads from a 1967 Sears catalog describes Johnny Astro.

Launch and operate your own space-craft without wires or connections. you are in complete control! Prepare for take off.  Aim the directional control with your right hand, move the speed control forward with your left hand.  Fly it high, low, sideways. you are in command. Set includes 3 space vehicles, landing and launching station, control center. Metal and plastic.

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