Here are some pictures that we took or acquired from the Internet.  The flight photos are systematic in that they show pictures of the lift-off to the return trip.  In the flight photos, we used our two prototype landing base stands.  Someone told us our first stand looks like a cat scratching pole so we made another that we think does the toy justice.  

We'd like to post other pictures and video in the near future.  If you have some you are willing to share, please send them to us to post. 

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Flying the space vehicle using the first prototype landing base stand

Challenging even for an adult, these first pictures show a round trip to Mars and back using our first landing base stand.

liftoff.jpg (42460 bytes)  

flight1.jpg (29219 bytes)
Piloting the space vehicle
toward the moon.
comingin.jpg (46352 bytes)
Full throttle to get
to Mars!
distance.jpg (51416 bytes)
Pushing the space vehicle to its limits beyond Mars.
flight2.jpg (57173 bytes)
Reducing thrust in an
attempt to land.
landing1.jpg (75157 bytes)
A successful Mars landing.
around.jpg (49798 bytes)
Bringing her back home.
Flying the space vehicle using the second and improved prototype landing base stand

With a much improved landing base stand, dramatic photos depict our flight past the Moon, landing on Mars and returning to earth.

standalone.jpg (76386 bytes)
Johnny Astro with the new landing base stand.
land7.jpg (67585 bytes)
Waiting to launch.
fly19.jpg (54732 bytes)
fly15.jpg (46976 bytes)
Maneuvering towards the moon.


fly16.jpg (44241 bytes)
Bringing her around the dark side.
fly20.jpg (51072 bytes)
A pinpoint landing on the moon.
fly18.jpg (50372 bytes)
Off to Mars
fly14.jpg (44918 bytes)
Increasing thrust to get to Mars.
fly1.jpg (63768 bytes)
Past Mars, time to throttle back.
land1.jpg (61266 bytes)
A dangerous attempt on the edge of Mars.
land2.jpg (55206 bytes)
Attempting to stabilize.
fly12.jpg (40228 bytes)
Still in trouble.
land5.jpg (65370 bytes)
Finally, a successful landing on Mars.
fly13.jpg (41283 bytes)
Coming back home.
fly10.jpg (64650 bytes)
Reducing thrust before landing.
Miscellaneous Pics
CONTROL1.jpg (193784 bytes)
This control base featured a fuel cell gauge (right, middle) and a modern looking velocity indicator.
CONTROL2.jpg (177699 bytes)
An earlier version?  This control base had a more conventional velocity indicator and there was no fuel cell gauge.
exploer3.jpg (33523 bytes)
The portable version called "Explorer".
exploer4.jpg (32443 bytes)
An early "Explorer".
basebox.jpg (28470 bytes)
Our site wouldn't be complete without 
the landing base shipping box!
wpe2C.jpg (33841 bytes)
A nice graphic from the
Nostalgia site
littlesy2.jpg (33516 bytes)
Capturing the true spirit of Johnny Astro, Sy Winnie provided this photograph of him with his Johnny Astro in 1966.

See and hear Johnny Astro!  Watch as we take the space vehicle past the Moon, then land it on Mars.  The file size is about 2.5MB.  To download this file, right click here, then click "Save Target As".